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Hey EE readers!   I'm so sorry it's been so long since I posted.  Things have been crazy IRL, and crazy here on LJ, and apparently it's not getting any better.   I cannot space down/return!    This is ongoing for my journal as well, and it's maddening!                               That said, we'll just use really long spaces for paragraph breaks, K?   Today for lunch Drake and I (the husband was sleeping) had: Spagetti and meatballs, Mickey Mouse cheese, and blueberries for Drake, and I enjoyed a grilled cheese sandwich with Salsa Soup.                                   The Salsa Soup is just basic tomato soup (canned or homemade, I like HM) with salsa in it.  Gives a nice kick to complement the creamy cheese, I think. Another favorite soup recipe is Salsa con Queso Soup.  That is, cheese soup with salsa in it.  Love it!  And so very easy to do.                               What are some of your favorite easy soups, and what did you have for lunch today?