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Easy Eats

Adventures in Gastronomics

Easy Eats, or Adventures in Gastronomics
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Simple food, recipes, tips and shared articles
Welcome to EasyEats!

I love food, and all it's aspects. It's history and evolution. Fun and funky recipes. Quick and simple meals that are always delicious.

I collect cookbooks, and have over 100. I love reading novels that revolve around food. Watching not only FoodNetwork, but most all cooking shows. The quirkier the better, lol.

All that will no doubt make it's way into this blog, as I journal my menus, online recipes, cooking adventures, and eating discoveries. Feel free to add your own quick and simple recipes and ideas as well.

I hope you feel welcome here. Come on in!

There will be lots of recipes, but also lots of commentary, stories about food, travels,
and just plain old fun food stuff. This won't be a perfectly polished comm. I don't have
time for that. I don't want a stuffy, food purist-y site, either. That's boring. And definately not me. Not how I live or eat.

Some food will be plain. Very plain. Some will be more fancy. All will be delicious and
downhome, and as simple as they can get. That's how I cook. How I live. I have a husband on shiftwork, and a little one, so food has to be, for the most part, fast and delicious.
We're also on a budget, so it has to fit that, too. Not that there's not room for splurging, of course! Ya gotta have a bit of flash every now and then, lol.

So this is a site for menus, recipes, food history, stories about food, and the adventures we have eating it all. A rambly kind of site, focusing on food. Sounds like a mishmash, and maybe it is, but I'm so excited to be back working on EE. It's going to be a blast! It already is.